Thursday, February 4, 2010

Challenges Facing Working College Students

Graduating from High School isn't always what you expect.....

Once you hit your senior year of high school there is so much anticipation to walk across the stage and receive that diploma you have worked so hard to get. Once that summer of fun is over the real world smacks you in the face. So much changed in such a small amount of time that overwhelmed me and caused a lot of stress. I figured living at home and going to Midlands would be a piece of cake. I would have my parents to support me and could work a few hours here and there just for fun money on the weekends. I was totally wrong. Come October I found out that my parents were moving to Charlotte where my dad owns a Concrete Pumping Business. It was to much struggle driving daily back and forth. This meant I would have to figure out how to support myself. This is how I ended up becoming a working college student. At first I never thought it would be as hard as it became. Working college students deal with an abundant amount of stress. Everything from budgeting your money to finding time to spend with friends becomes a burden on all working college students. Working college students have to grow up and mature a lot quicker than another freshman straight out of high school would have to. You think of your freshman year as the time to live life with no rules and authority. This is certainly not the case for college students with a lot of responsibilities. Working seven days a week and going to school four days a week takes up most of my time. The days I am not out of school I am studying and also helping out with my sisters who still live here too. Working college students have to make time to sit down and manage their time wisely. Keep your head up and do not give up! This blog will hopefully help you with daily tips to succeed!

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